Brian Menell

The Menell Family

The Menell family is a part of South Africa’s mining heritage, with an 80 year of history of developing and managing large mining and industrial projects.

In 1932, Brian’s grandfather, Slip Menell, co-founded one of South Africa’s largest diversified mining and industrial conglomerates, the Anglovaal Group. At its height, Anglovaal employed over 80,000 people, with interests ranging from gold, diamonds, base metals and ferrous metals, to construction, cement, glass, processed foods, car tyres and financial services.

Brian Menell

Brian, born 1965 in Johannesburg, is a South African businessman with more than 25 years experience in mining, oil, diamonds, precious metals, energy infrastructure, bio-fuels, vineyards and motor racing.

Brian was educated in the UK at Rugby School, Warwickshire. He later graduated in Political Science & Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, USA.